Emergency planning

In NZ we need to be ready for earthquakes fires floods accidents pandemics landslips storms tsunami volcanoes terrorism

People who are prepared fare better in emergencies.

Kiwis know that emergencies can happen at any time. Earthquakes, fires, floods and accidents all happen a lot more often than we like to admit. The first step to being prepared is developing a decent emergency plan. There are lots of really good free resources to help you establish your emergency plans, but if you feel like you need some help, get in touch and we’ll get you sorted!

How can we help?

The first stage of developing an effective emergency plan is to work out what your risks are and who/what is vulnerable. We specialise in assessing risks, so we can help you understand what you’ll need to prepare for. We can also help you to develop plans and test these plans over time. We have experience with developing emergency plans for all sorts of businesses, volunteer organisations and schools.

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