Risk assessment

Health & safety

We can help you assess and prioritise your risks, making your workplace safer, healthier and compliant with the Law. HASANZ Registered.

Public safety

We are experienced in assessing public safety risk issues at visitor attractions and other public sites. Our data makes decision-making straightforward.


Your home is your castle. It's also your biggest financial asset. We'll assess your risks from a natural hazards and insurance perspective, so that you sleep better at night!

Workshop facilitation

We can guide your team through the entire risk management process. We make even complex risk assessments fun and easy.

A skilled facilitator can drastically improve the results from a risk assessment workshop. By guiding and encouraging effective group decision-making risks are quickly and accurately identified, assessed and treated.

A workshop format enables participants to both contribute and learn in a natural environment. The result is not only a ranked list of key risks, but a fascinating discussion about the current controls, organisational risk appetite, and individual risk tolerances. Attendees will gain a better understanding of business operations, objectives and challenges. They are also then equipped with the knowledge and the detailed analysis to make improved decisions, not just about H&S, but all aspects of the business.

Health and safety

From risk assessments to full health and safety management systems, we'll help you comply with the law and work safer, healthier and more efficiently.

Health and safety can seem like a real headache, particularly for smaller businesses. We will change that! With experience in a wide range of industries and work environments we can help you to improve or establish plans that work well for your unique work situation.

We can help you to assess your risks for a new or existing project, and work out the best ways to minimise your risks without compromising on your business activities.

We’ll also help you to establish documentation to help you keep track of H&S and show that you are serious about H&S.

"Kev did a full risk assessment of my Agricultural Contracting Services business. He came to my house and he quickly helped me and my 3 staff understand our risks and make procedures to do things safely. We were also able to prove our safe practices to our customers. This has saved my business!”
Cory Mehrtens
Owner, Mehrtens Contracting

Public safety

We specialise in technical risk assessments. Using industry leading techniques we can establish the risk profile of a particular attraction, activity or location to help support management decision-making.

In New Zealand the landscape is dynamic and unrelentingly beautiful. Our tourism industry relies on people being attracted to some of our most active and potentially hazardous sites. Often, the risk of harm to an individual person visiting a site is almost negligible. But what happens when millions of people want to see it?

We use field studies and quantitative risk calculations to present the “risk to life” in terms of expected losses per year. Results can be compared to the acceptable risk boundaries used in the Building Industry allowing for sensible management / development and risk reduction activities.

Residential risk assessments

Are you nervous about the growing threat of climate change and the ever present earthquake risk? We can help you assess the risks to hour home and future-proof your life!

Coastal erosion, flooding, wildfires, earthquake risks…all these can affect the future insurability, resale value and long-term safety of your home.

We can evaluate your property’s exposure to all natural hazards and provide a solid set of recommendations to help you stay safe at home. We’ll help you protect your most important asset and make sure that your insurance cover is suitable. 

Whether you’re looking at purchasing a new property or you’re trying to better understand your current home, we’ll help you make sensible, risk informed decisions.

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